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Here is a chance to go deeper into all things saving YOUR crumbling roads. Whether you are an elected official simply scanning Part One and handing this book off to your City or County Engineer, or whether you are a seasoned Pavement Manager with decades of experience, this simple book registration process will unlock hours of video, audio and written training material for you to further your knowledge on the topics that are discussed in this book.
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Because you took the initiative to purchase a copy of this book, you are entitled to several FREE gifts, including:

1A free video training series on the Three Three Legged Stool™ System of Pavement Management.

2A webinar with real life "what's working now" success stories of Elected Officials, City and County Managers, State DOT Officials, and Pavement Engineers across the world who are implementing The Three Legged Stool™ System to do more with less money and less carbon footprint.

3PLUS, we promise to continue to lead the world in all of the best practices in pavement management, in-place pavement recycling and pavement preservation. As such, we will always keep you up to date with the most current best practices available to all but known to few.

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